Hand Signs


Gang members will use different types of hand signs to identify which gang he or she is affiliated with.  The hand signs will represent letters, numbers, rabbits, crowns, pitch forks, etc... .  

Gang members will also use hand signs to issue challenges to rival gang members.   This can be done by representing their particular hand sign to the rival member, or by using the rival gang members hand sign, but flashing it upside down, which is a disrespectful gesture to the rival member.  

Below are examples of some of the many types of hand signs different gangs use.

Maniac Latin Disciples hand sign forming a heart with horns Ambrose hand sign forming the letter A
Hand sign used by the Undertaker and Unknown Vice Lords 2-6er's bent eared rabbit hand sign
NATA hand sign forming an N Vice Lord hand sign forming a V L

Black Gangster Disciples hand sign representing the "triple L's" which stand for "love, life, loyalty"