Police Blotter

10/08/2015 Thursday
  Forest View (Domestic Disturbance)
  Robinson Street (Call for Service)
  300 block Duval (911 Investigation)
  Oak (Status Check)
  400 E Railroad (Assist Fire Department)
10/07/2015 Wednesday
  100 block First Street (False Alarm)
  Glidden Road (Assist County)
  500 block Winding Trail (Suspicious Vehicle)
  Rt. 23 / S Derby Line (Assist Motorist)
15-0676 300 block E First (Criminal Damage to Property)
  600 block Pearson (False Alarm)
  100 block N Sycamore (Follow Up)
  300 block E Railroad (Follow Up)
  500 block S Sycamore (False Alarm)
  Police Department (Civil Complaint)
  Hill / Emmett (Children in Road)
  300 block Eureka (Assist Fire Department)
  Police Department (Follow Up Investigation)
  100 block N Sycamore (Follow Up Investigation)
  300 block E Railroad (Assist Motorist)
10/06/2015 Tuesday
15-0675 300 block W Hill (Hit n Run)
  900 block W Main (Assist County)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
15-0674 Main / Washington (Accident)
  700 block Hawthorne (Assist Motorist)
  200 block S Genoa (Assist Fire Department)
  400 block N Locust (Message Delivery)
10/05/2015 Monday
  300 block W Hill (Report of Smoke)
  Main (Assist Motorist)
  N Locust (Reckless Driver)
15-0673 200 block W Second (Theft)
  911 Hang Up (500 block E Main)
  Evergreen (Locked Out)
  Forest View (Semi blocking Drive)
  Police Department (Walk In Request)
10/4/2015 Sunday
  300 Block Jackson (Noise Complaint)
  Motorcycle Toy Run (Traffic Control)
  400 Block Riverbend (Assist Rescue)
  400 Block Second (Motorist Assist)
  Forest View Manor (Barking Dog)
  100 Block Stiles (Civil Problem)
10/3/2015 Saturday
  200 block Sycamore (Motorist Assist)
15-0671 300 Block Forest View (Criminal Damage)
  Disorderly Conduct @ PD
  700 block Redwood (Motorist Assist)
10/2/2015 Friday
  Unwanted subject @ Karlsbad
  300 Block Forest View (Reckless Driver)
  Theft @ High School
  Ellen Drive (Alarm)
  500 block Jackson (911 hang-up)
09/27/2015 Sunday
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  200 block N Washington (Loud Music)
  Assist County in Search of Individual
  200 block S Sycamore (Assist Motorist)
15-0657 Main / Washington (Accident)
  Kingston (Assist County)
  Police Department (Fine Payment)
15-0656 500 block Jackson (Criminal Damage to Vehicle)
15-0655 200 block Koch (Hit-n-Run)
15-0654 700 block Hawthorne (Call for Service)
  Police Department (Domestic Follow Up)
09/26/2015 Saturday
  100 block S Stott (911 Hang Up)
  300 block Eureka (Assist Motorist)
  200 block S Emmett (Assist Motorist)
  500 block S Sycamore (False Alarm)
15-0653 100 block N Sycamore (Domestic)
  800 block Stone Creek (Investigative Follow Up)
  300 block Preserve (Follow Up)
  500 block S Sycamore (Domestic)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
09/25/2015 Friday
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  Baseline / Rt. 23 (Accident - Assist County)
15-0649 700 block Pearson (Theft)
  200 block W Second (911 Investigation)
  Downtown (Parade)
  Forest View Manor (Returned found property)
Heritage Museum (parking complaint)
  Route 23 / Baseline (assist county)
09/24/2015 Thursday
15-0648 400 block W Main (Found Property)
15-0647 Locust / Main (Well Being Check)
  Stiles / Rt. 72 (Call for Service)
  Police Department (Citation Payment)
  600 block Park Avenue (Parking Complaint)
  Wilshire Drive (Assist Motorist)
  Police Department (Eviction Notice Complaint)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
  Main / Sycamore (Suspicious Activity)
09/23/2015 Wednesday
15-0646 100 block N Stott (Call for Service)
15-0645 800 block Stone Creek Circle (Domestic)
  Stott / Main (Loose Dog)
15-0644 600 block Pearson Drive (Call for Service)
  400 block Winding Trail (False Alarm)
  500 block W Main (False Alarm)
09/22/2015 Tuesday
15-0641 Police Department (Background Investigation)
15-0640 400 block Winding Trail (Ordinance Violation)
15-0639 200 block S Locust (Abandoned Vehicle)
15-0638 900 block Nicholas (Tall Weeds)
  500 block W First (Dog Running Loose)
  Hill / Washington (Loose Dogs)
15-0636 200 block S Sycamore (Abandoned Auto)
  600 block Park Avenue (911 Investigation)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  Police Department (State's Attorney)
15-0637 Police Department (Investigative)
15-0642 Oak (Criminal Damage to Property)
  Rt. 23 / Derby Line (Assist Sycamore)
09/21/2015 Monday
15-0635 300 block Railroad (Tall Weeds)
15-0634 200 block Railroad (Tall Weeds)
  400 block W First (Follow Up)
  800 block Stone Creek (Check Status)
  First / Washington (Street Sign Missing
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  200 block W Main (False Alarm)
09/20/2015 Sunday
  400 block E Main (Barking Dog)
15-0632 100 block N Hadsall (Call for Service
  Derby Estates (Ash Complaint)
  Pearson Drive (Call for Service)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
09/19/2015 Saturday
  Derby Estates (Fire Complaint)
  800 block E Main (Driving Complaint)
  200 block S Locust (Check Status)
  100 block W First Street (False Alarm)
  Rt. 72 / Rt. 23 (Assist Motorist)
  Persimmons / Walnut (ATVs)
  200 block N Sycamore (Call for Service)
  100 block W Hill (Assist Fire Department)
  700 block W Main (Open Door)
  400 block E Main (Barking Dog)
  100 block W Main (Loose Dog)
09/18/2015 Friday
  Genoa Road (False Alarm)
  Genoa / Melms (Accident)
15-0629 900 block Park (Criminal Damage to Property)
15-0631 900 block N Oak Creek (Call for Service)
  400 block E Hill (False Alarm)
15-0630 900 block Wilshire (Disorderly Conduct)
  600 block E Main (Assist Motorist)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
09/17/2015 Thursday
  100 block E Second (Assist Motorist)
  Rt. 72 / Stiles (Assist Motorist)
  Rt. 23 (Driving Complaint)
  100 block Prairie (Assist Hampshire PD)
  Police Department (Follow Up Investigation)
  100 block S Hadsall (Call for Service)
  Police Department (State's Attorney Follow Up)
09/16/2015 Wednesday
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  100 block N Sycamore (911 Investigation)
  500 block E Main (Follow Up Investigation)
09/15/2015 Tuesday
  900 block Wilshire (Call for Service)
  Kishwaukee Hospital (Follow Up)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
15-0627 300 block E Railroad (Domestic Dispute) 
15-0626 Chamberlain Park (Accident)
  400 block N Locust (Call for Service)
09/14/2015 Monday
15-0624 300 block W Hill (Disorderly Conduct)
  900 block Park Avenue (Call for Service)
15-0622 Resource Drive (Fraud Report)
  600 block Pearson (Assist Motorist)
  Kirkland (Follow Up)
15-0623 400 block W Main (Battery)
  Forest View (Unlicensed Solicitors)
  Police Department (Solicitor Request)
  Police Department (Investigative Follow Up)
  Police Department (Walk In Request)
09/13/2015 Sunday
15-0620 100 block Brown (Custody Issue)
15-0619 200 block N State (Criminal Damage to Property)
  400 block W Main (Fight)
15-0617 Maple Lane (Criminal Damage to Property)
  200 block Riverbend (Follow Up)
  Police Department (Investigative Follow Up)
09/12/2015 Saturday
  Maple Lane (Follow Up)
15-0613 300 block W First (Check Status)
15-0612 Oak Drive (Missing Juvenile)
  Police Department (Investigation Follow Up)
  Rt. 23 N of Rt. 72 (Assist County)
  Walnut / Madison (Call for Service)
15-0615 500 block E Main (Warrant Service)
15-0616 100 block Forest View (Domestic)
  300 block W Main (False Alarm)
15-0614 500 block Willow Glenn (Theft)
  200 block Riverbend (Follow Up)
  Police Department (Investigation Follow Up)
09/11/2015 Friday
  Rockford Memorial (Follow Up)
  Kishwaukee Hospital (Follow Up)
15-0611 Police Department (Sexual Assault Investigation)
  Wilshire (Call for Service)
  800 block Nicholas Ct (Follow Up Investigation)
  Police Department (Civil Complaint
15-0610 300 block E Hill (Call for Service)
  Police Department (Sign Turned In)
09/10/2015 Thursday
15-0609 Forest View (Call for Service)
  500 block W Main (False Alarm)
  300 block Forest View (Follow Up)
  Reid/ Watson (Quad Complaint)
  Police Department (Assist Kingston)
15-0608 700 block Park (Accident)
15-0607 Police Department (Trespass Complaint)
09/09/2015 Wednesday
  700 block Cooper Ct (Unlicensed Solicitor - Escorted Out of Town)
  Police Department (Speak w/Solicitors)
  Cedar (Suspicious Persons)
  Reid (Unlicensed Solicitors)
15-0604 Police Department (Fraud Report)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
  Forest View (Suspicious Persons)
09/08/2015 Tuesday
15-0603 Police Department (Fingerprints)
15-0602 900 block W Main (Blanks Found)
  700 block Pearson (911 Hang Up)
  100 block N Stott (Call for Service)
  100 block E Main (Call for Service)
  Joshua / Walnut (Abandoned Vehicle)
  600 block Pearson Drive (False Alarm)
09/07/2015 Monday
  700 block W Main (Natural Gas Leak)
  Stott / Hill (Solicitors)
  Kingston (False Alarm)
15-0598 200 block Koch (Domestic)
  800 block Wilshire (Follow Up)
  600 block W First (Burning)
  N State / Second (Fireworks)
  700 block W Main (Odor)
15-0600 200 block S Genoa (Ordinance Violation)
15-0599 300 block Jackson (Ordinance Violation)
  Stott / Central (Solicitors)
  600 block Pearson (Parking Complaint)
09/06/2015 Sunday
  700 block Cottonwood (Check Status)
  Police Department (Accurate Towing)
  911 Investigation
  500 block E Main (Assist Motorist)
  Kingston (Loose Horse)
  200 block S Washington (Call for Service)
09/05/2015 Saturday
  Glidden / Cherry Valley (Assist Kirkland)
  200 block Robinson (Suspicious Activity)
15-0596 Police Department (Harassment Complaint)
15-0595 200 block Koch (Domestic)
  Madison Accident (Assist County)
09/04/2015 Friday
  Main / Monroe (Call for Service)
  400 block N State (Fireworks)
15-0593 Church / Sycamore (DUI)
09/03/2015 Thursday
  Genoa Street (Ordinance Violations)
15-0592 Forest View (Disorderly Conduct)
  400 block W Main (Follow Up)
15-0591 Police Department (Lost Wallet Complaint)
15-0590 300 block W First (Disorderly Conduct)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
09/02/2015 Wednesday
  200 block Hill Street (Keys)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
  Cherry Tree (Call for Service)
  900 block Wilshire (Keys)
  Police Department (Found Wallet)
  300 block Hill Street (Suspicious Activity)
  Rt. 72 / New Lebanon (Assist County - Accident)
15-0587 Police Department (Road Rage Complaint)
  Police Department (Background Investigation)
  Kane County (Follow Up
09/01/2015 Tuesday
  900 block Park Avenue (Follow Up)
  Hill / Washington (Debris in Roadway)
  900 block W Main (Follow Up)
  Police Department (Phone Complaint)
15-0584 Police Department (Warrant Arrest)
  Chamberlain Park (Civil Dispute)
  W Main (Reckless Property)
  Police Department Release Property
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  100 block N Emmett (Call for Service)
  Kiernan Park (Parking Complaint)
  200 block W Main (Trespass Complaint)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
15-0586 100 block Stiles (Call for Service)
15-0585 200 block S Hadsall (Found Bike)
15-0583 100 block Brown Street (Domestic Battery)
  Police Department (Processing Arrest)
08/31/2015 Monday
15-0577 900 block Park Aveue (Theft)
15-0576 200 block Koch Drive (Phone Harrassment)
15-0582 200 block Stearn Drive (Domestic)
15-0578 100 block Prairie (Abandoned Vehicle)
  600 block Pearson (Handicap Violation)
15-0581 Oak Drive (Missing Juvenile)
15-0580 100 block Prairie (Warrant Arrest)
15-0579 Riverbend (Juvenile with Street Sign)
  600 block Tyler (False Alarm)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint Fol Up)
  Police Department (Theft Complaint)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
15-0575 Police Department (Criminal Damage Report)
  900 block Wilshire (Ordinance Violation)
08/30/2015 Sunday
  Rt. 74 (Driving Complaint)
  Sir Barton (Tall Weeds)
15-0574 700 block Cedar (Ordinance Violation)
15-0573 900 block Wilshire (Ordinance Violation)
15-0572 800 block Wilshire (Ordinance Violation)
15-0571 S Oak Creek (Tall Weeds)
08/29/2015 Saturday
  Downtown (Bars Slow to Clear Out)
  100 block N Hadsall (Found Dog)
15-0570 100 block Middleton (Call for Service)
  100 block Brown (Noise Complaint)
  700 block Redwood (Keys)
15-0569 Derby Line / Rt. 23 (Possession of Drug Paraphernalia)
  700 block Hawthorne (Assist Kingston)
  Washington / Hill (Wires Down)
  Washington / Hill (Debris in Roadway)
  900 block N Oak Creek (Noise Complaint)
  700 block Redwood (Call for Service)
  800 block Wilshire (Possible Trespass)
15-0568 Joshua Lane (Call for Service)
  700 block W Main (Call for Service)
08/28/2015 Friday
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  100 block E Second (Loose Dog)
15-0567 HIll/ Koch (Possession of Drug Paraphernalia)
  Rt. 23 (Driving Complaint)
  Forest View Manor (Call for Service)
15-0566 Oak Drive (Curfew Violation)
  200 block W Main (Suspects on Roof)
  Central / Hadsall (Call for Service)
08/27/2015 Thursday
  500 block S Sycamore (Call for Service)
  700 block Cedar (Loose Dog)
  300 block E Second (Call for Service)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
  300 block E First (False Alarm)
  300 block W Hill (911 Hang Up)
  Police Department (Custody Issue)
08/26/2015 Wednesday
  DeKalb City (K-9 Assist)
  200 block N Hadsall (Assist Other Department)
  Police Department (Follow Up Phone Calls)
  600 block W Main (Follow Up)
  900 block Park Avenue (Follow Up)
  900 block Nicholas Circle (Suspicious Vehicle)
  First / Sycamore (Loose Dogs)
  Washington / First (Loose Dogs)
15-0561 900 block Park Avenue (Threat)
  400 block W Main (Follow Up)
  200 block Eureka (Call for Service)
15-0565 100 block Stiles (Domestic)
  Oak Drive (Curfew Violation)
15-0564 Oak Drive (Runaway Juvenile)
  Police Department (Phone Complaint)
15-0563 300 block W Hill (Call for Service)
  200 block Reid Rd (No Trespass Order)
  100 block W Main (Theft)
  700 block E Main (Call for Service)
15-0562 Forest View Manor (Call for Service)
  Railroad / Stott (Unlicensed Solicitors)
  700 block E Main (No Trespass Order)
08/25/2015 Tuesday
15-0560 Oak Drive (Missing Juvenile)
15-0559 400 block W Main (Disorderly Conduct)
15-0558 800 block E Main (Theft)
  Police Department (Civil Issue)
  200 block S Stott (Loose Dogs Returned)
  900 block Park Avenue (Follow Up)
  Hill / Stott (Loose Dogs)
  Police Department (Phone Complaint)
  Kingston (Assist County-Kingston)
08/24/2015 Monday
  Hill / Stott (Loose Dogs)
  Adjudication Court
  Police Department (Sex Offender Follow Up)
  400 block W First (Ordinance Violaiton)
  900 block N Oak Creek (Follow Up)
  900 block Park Avenue (Follow Up)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  Police Department (Finger Prints)
15-0557 400 block W Main (Stolen/Missing Vehicle Located)
15-0557 100 block S Emmett (Stolen/Missing Vehicle)
15-0555 600 block Stearn (Criminal Damage to Property)
  100 block Robinson (Ordinance Violation)
08/23/2015 Sunday
  600 block Tyler (Call for Service)
  300 block Sycamore (False Alarm)
  Main / Monroe (Call for Service)
  Rt. 72 / Rt. 23 (Reckless Driver - Semi)
  400 block W Main (Accident)
  Police Department (Animal Control - Owner in Route)
  700 block Redwood (Accident)
  300 block N State (Returned Lost Credit Card)
  100 block S Hadsall (Assist County)
  Police Department (Dog)
  Hill / Sycamore (Loose Dog)
  Oak Drive (Missing Juvenile)
15-0554 Oak Drive (Domestic Dispute)
  900 block S Oak Creek (Vehicle on Sidewalk)
15-0553 900 block Nicholas (Neighbor Dispute)
  Walnut / Madison (Order of Protection)
08/22/2015 Saturday
  Rt. 23 / Hill (Assist Motorist)
  300 block W Hill (Follow Up)
  600 block E Main (Follow Up)
  Riverbend (Trespass)
  300 block Jackson Ct. (Follow Up)
  600 block Whirl Away (Ordinance Violaiton)
  800 block S Oak Creek (Ordinance Violation)
  Oak Drive (Keys)
  400 block W First (Ordinance Violation)
  500 block Jackson Ct (Lock Out)
  300 block N State (Call for Service)
  800 block Wilshire (Call for Service)
  100 block E Main (Possibly Burglary)
  800 block Joshua Lane (Call for Service)
  400 block W Main (Found Credit Card)
  Sycamore / Elm (Pit Bulls Attacking People)
  Hill / Brown (Dogs Running Loose)
08/21/2015 Friday
  900 block Walnut (Follow Up)
15-0546 800 block Nicholas (Threats Made)
  Police Department (Follow Up)
  Kishwaukee Hospital (Follow Up)
  300 block Central (Follow Up)
  Pearson Drive (Accident Follow Up)
  500 block Pearson (911 Hang Up)
  Main / Sycamore (Driving Complaint)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  Rt. 23 (Driving Complaint)
  400 block Park Avenue (Assist Motorist)
15-0545 Rt. 23 / Derby Line (Accident)
  Police Department (Release Dog to Animal Control)
  Rt. 23 (Reckless Driving Complaint)
  200 block W Main (Suspicious Person)
  Rt. 23 / Pearson (Assist County)
  300 block W Main (Accident)
  800 block Nicholas (Call for Service)
08/20/2015 Thursday
  Rt. 72 / Roosevelt (Assist County)
  Police Department (Lost Dogs in Illinois)
15-0544 200 block S Sycamore (Domestic)
15-0543 Oak Drive (Missing Juvenile)
  900 block N Oak Creek (Loose Dog)
  Police Department (Background Investigations)
  GK High School (Drills)
  200 W Main (911 Hang Up)
  900 block Westwood Circle
  Davenport (Drills)
  Genoa Elementary (Drills)
08/19/2015 Wednesday
  Police Department (Fingerprints)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  Pebble Beach (Call for Service)
15-0539 Kiernan Park (Criminal Damage to Property)
  300 block E First (Trespass Complaint)
  100 block W Second (911 Investigation)
  Lyons Park (Suspicious Vehicle)
08/18/2015 Tuesday
  Police Department (Citation Questions)
15-0538 300 bock Riverbend (Domestic)
  200 block W Main (Call for Service)
  Sycamore Rd (Call for Service)
15-0537 Police Department (Theft Report)
  Derby Line / Rt. 23 (Disabled Vehicle - will be moved)
15-0536 Kiernan Park (Criminal Damage to Property)
  100 block N Stott (Open Door)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
08/17/2015 Monday
  700 block Tyler (Barking Dog)
  600 block Pearson (Suspicious Vehicle)
  100 block N State (Check Status)
  Police Department (Civil Complaint)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  Police Department (Phone Follow Up)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
15-0534 900 block Park Avenue (Accident)
  Police Department (Phone Request
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  Kingston PD
08/16/2015 Sunday
  Main / State (Call for Service)
  Oak (False Alarm)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
15-0532 Hill / Sycamore (Accident)
  100 block N State (Call for Service)
15-0533 Cedar/Birch (Accident)
08/15/2015 Saturday
  700 block Redwood (Noise)
  Police Department (Processing Arrest)
  Kingston (Assist)
  Police Department (Assist Kingston PD)
08/14/2015 Friday
  300 block W First (Check Status)
  200 block S Sycamore (Assist Motorist)
  700 block Watson (Parking Violation)
  600 block Tyler (Parking Violation)
  600 block Tyler (Ordinance Violation)
  300 block W First (Check Status)
  300 block S Sycamore (Assist Motorist)
  200 block W Main (Wires Down)
  Police Department (Ordinance Follow Ups)
08/13/2015 Thursday
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  200 block Winding Trail (Paper Service)
  Police Department (Phone Follow Up)
  Police Department (Phone Complaint)
  500 block Jackson (Assist Motorist)
  900 block Park Avenue (Parking Problem)
  400 block Birch (911 Hang Up)
  Forest View Manor (Juvenile Problem)
  700 block Hawthorne (Call for Service)
05/13/2015 Thursday
  700 block Hawthorne (Call for Service)
  Derby Estates (Juveniles in Roadway)
  Police Department (Message Delivery)
  Police Department (Investigative Phone Calls)
  800 block Wilshire (Vehicle Theft)
  Police Department (Investigative Follow Up)
05/12/2015 Wednesday
15-0530 500 block E Main (Criminal Damage to Property)
  Police Department (Complaint Call)
15-0529 Police Department (Disorderly Conduct Complaint)
  Police Department (Background Interview)
05/11/2015 Tuesday
  Police Department (Walk In - County Call)
  500 block E Main (Open Door)
  300 block W Main (Suspicious Activity)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  Police Department (Follow Up)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
15-0528 Police Department (Warrant Arrest)
  Police Department (Walk In Request)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
15-0527 200 block Sycamore Rd (Found Child & Returned Home)
05/10/2015 Monday
200 block S Genoa (False Alarm)
  200 block S Genoa (Call for Service)
15-0526 100 block Prairie (Civil Matter - Follow Up)
  Police Department (Civil Matter)
  Main / Genoa (Domestic)
  Rt. 23 / Rt. 72 (Accident - Assist County)
  300 block Church (Alarm Disabled)
15-0525 200 block W Main (Domestic Dispute)
  200 block Jackson (Call for Service)
  300 block Church (False Alarm)
  700 block Pearson (Follow Up Investigation)
  Rt. 23 East of Town (Assist County)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
15-0524 700 block Pearson (Burglary to Vehicle)
05/09/2015 Sunday
  Police Department (Phone Request)
  200 block N State (Follow Up)
15-0523 300 block Washington (Suspicious Persons Located)
  Washington / Jackson (Suspicious Persons)
  700 block Hawthorne (Suspicious Activity)
  Police Department (Release Dog to Owner)
  300 block Riverbend (Follow Up)
  400 block Preserve (Disturbance Follow Up)
15-0522 300 block Riverbend (Disturbance)
  Forest View (Disorderly Juveniile)
  W Main / First (Loose Dog)
  Kingston Grade School (False Alarm)
  100 block Stott (Open Door)
  200 block S Sycamore (Assist Motorist)
08/08/2015 Saturday
  700 block Cherry Tree (Call for Service)
  Main / Genoa (Disorderly Conduct - Fireworks)
  Police Department (Follow Up on Reckless Driving)
15-0519 200 block S Hadsall (Reckless Driving Complaint)
15-0518 900 block Nicholas (Fraud)
08/07/2015 Friday
  S State / Jackson (Loose Dog)
  100 block N Locust (Ordinance Violation)
  700 block Cherry Tree (Ordinance Violation)
  400 block Birch (Ordinance Violation)
  100 block N Locust (Follow Up)
  300 block W Main (Follow Up)
15-0516 300 block Jackson (Tall Weeds)
15-0515 200 block E Second (Building Violations)
15-0514 200 block Adams (Abandoned Auto)
  Walnut / Joshua (Suspicious Vehicle)
  300 block Winding Trail (Assist Motorist)
  700 block E Main (Disorderly Juveniles)
15-0517 Police Department (Fraud Report)
08/06/2015 Thursday
  500 block S Sycamore (False Alarm)
  300 block W Hill (Call for Service)
  900 block Park Avenue (Suspicious Vehicle)
15-0511 Police Department (Background Investigation)
15-0513 First / Locust (Fight)
  Police Department (Request for Information)
  400 block Riverbend (Assist Motorist)
  300 block Prairie (911 Hang Up)
15-0512 400 block W Main Criminal Damage to Property)
15-0510 600 block Tyler (Criminal Damage to Property)
15-0509 300 block W Hill (Criminal Damage to Property)
08/05/2015 Wednesday
  300 block Church (Noise Complaint)
  Rt. 72 / Market (Assist Motorist)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
15/0508 700 block Cedar (Suspicious Activity)
  500 block E Main (Assist Motorist)
15-0507 Police Department (Theft Report)
08/04/2015 Tuesday
  Carrol Park (Suspicious Vehicle)
  300 block W Hill (Fireworks)
  Kishwaukee Hospital (Dog Bite)
  Evans / Stiles (Kids in Street)
  700 block Pat Court (911 Call)
  Police Department (Walk In Request)
  Police Department (Phone Requests)
08/03/2015 Monday
15-0506 Emmett (Call for Service)
  Stott (Accident)
  Police Department (Phone Requests RE Domestic)
15-0505 200 block S Sycamore (Domestic)
  Police Department (Walk In - City Ordinance)
  100 block S Washington (Call for Service)
  100 block S Washington (Assist Motorist)
  200 block Central (Fire)
  Baseline Rd (Asst County)
  600 block Stearn (Call for Service)
  200 block W Main (Open Door)
08/02/2015 Sunday
  Main / Washington (Assist County)
  300 block Stearn (Call for Service)
  Police Department (Background Investigation)
  Police Department (Walk In with Questions)
08/01/2015 Saturday
  Rt. 72 / Madison (Possible Shots Fired)
  New Lebanon Rd (Assist County with DUI)
  700 block Cedar (Suspicious Activity)
  200 block W Main (Parking Complaint)
  200 block Stearn (Littering Complaint)
07/31/2015 Friday
  DeKalb County Jail (Transport)
  Genoa Road (Fire Started Back Up)
  100 block E Second (Solicitors)
  100 block W Main (Arrest)
15-0504 Sycamore / Main (Domestic Battery)
  Evergreen (Fireworks)
Genoa Road (Assist Fire Department)
  800 block S Oak Creek (Ordinance Violation)
15-0503 800 block S Oak Creek (Abandoned Vehicle)
  100 block Locust (Suspicious Person)
  Main / A Street (Closed Street)
07/30/2015 Thursday
  Main / Locust (Suspicious Motorist)
  Oak Drive (Ordinance Violation)
  700 block Tyler (Ordinance Violation)
  300 block S Hadsall (Ordinance Violation)
15-0501 100 block N Locust (Abandoned Vehicle)
15-0500 100 block N Locust (Call for Service)
  100 block S Locust (Follow Up
  100 block N Locust (Suspicious Person)
15-0502 Oak (Loud Party)
  Walnut / Madison (Assist Motorist)
  600 block Park Avenue (Open Door)
  Main / Washington (Suspicious Vehicle)
  Police Department (Suspicious Person)
  Police Department (Interview)
  100 block W First (Criminal Damage to Property)
  Police Department (Background Investigation)
  600 block Tyler (False Alarm)
  100 block Locust (Call for Service)
07/29/2015 Wednesday
  100 block Prairie (Check Status)
  300 block S Hadsall (Loose Dog)
  600 block Pearson (Call for Service)
  600 block Pearson (Follow Up)
  300 block S Washington (Follow Up)
  300 block W Main (Follow Up)
07/28/2015 Tuesday
  200 block E Main (Call for Service)
  200 block N State (Domestic Dispute)
  700 block Aspen (Fireworks)
  Washington / Jackson (Fireworks)
  400 block E Second (Message Delivery)
15-0497 200 block E Main (Driving Complaint)
  300 block S Washington (Crying Dog)
  300 block S Locust (Call for Service)
  300 block S Locust (Assist County)
15-0496 200 block E Railroad (Criminal Damage to Property)
07/27/2015 Monday
15-0495 400 block W First (Domestic)
15-0494 Police Department (Walk In)
  Rt. 23 Southbound (Suspicious Vehicle)
  N State / W First (Call for Service)
15-0493 800 block Wilshire (Theft)
07/26/2015 Sunday
  Baseline Rd (Assist County)
15-0491 Washington/Main (Traffic Arrest)
15-0492 100 Block N. Genoa (Accident)
  300 Block Riverbend (Message Delivery)
  Rt23/Derby Line (Assist County)
07/25/2015 Saturday
  300 Block Forest View Dr (Disturbance)
  100 block E Second (Solicitors)
  Main/Emmett (Alarm)
  900 Block N. OakCreek (Assist Fire)
15-0490 Main/Washington (Theft)
  PD (Assist Kirkland PD)
07/24/2015 Friday
  Phone Call Requests
  300 Block E. 2nd (Juveniles)
  Main/Prairie (Driving Complaint)
  Madison/Rt72 (Suspicious Vehicle)
  300 Block E. Main (Rescue Call)
  Railroad/Sycamore (Fireworks)
  Washington/Hill (Suspicious Person)
07/23/2015 Thursday
15-0486 800 Block Wilshire (Fight Call)
  100 Block Robinson (Check Status)
15-0487 100 Block B. Street (Fraud)
15-0488 PD Walk-in (Harassment)
  400 Block First (Parking Complaint)
  Railroad/Brown (Juvenile Call)
  300 Block W. Main (Junk Vehicle)
  200 Block A. Street (Trespass)
  Rt23/Pearson (Motorist Assist)
07/22/2015 Wednesday
  600 Park Ave (Motorist Assist)
  200 Block Railroad (Parking Complaint)
  Police Department Lobby (Walk-in)
  500 Block E. Main (911 Hang-up)
  Main/Stiles (Road Rage Incident)
  Phone Call Request
  200 Block S. Emmett (Address Verification)
  300 Block Railroad (Paper Service)
  North State Road (Assist County)
  700 Block Watson (Rescue Call)
15-0484 100 Block S. Washington (Domestic)
  300 Block E. 2nd (Recovered Property)
15-0485 800 Block S. Oak Creek (Harassment)
  Willow Glen (Misc Vandalism)
07/21/2015 Tuesday
  700 Block Redwood (Motorist Assist)
  2nd/Washington (Loose Dogs)
  600 Block Park Ave (Parking Compliant)
  100 Block E. 2nd (Loose Dog)
15-0482 100 Block W. Main (Domestic)
  200 Block W. 2nd (Assist Citizen)
  300 Block E. 2nd (Fireworks)
  100 Block S. Sycamore (Civil Stand By)
  800 Block Wilshire (Call for Service)
  Main/Emmett (Suspicious Activity)
07/20/2015 Monday
  Main/Sycamore (Assist Citizen)
  1000 Block Joshua (Illegal Dumping)
  700 Block W. 2nd (Noise Complaint)
  PD (Assist Citizen)
  Main/Stott (Parking Complaint)
07/19/2015 Sunday
  100 Block Winding Trl (Driving Complaint)
  Park Avenue (Alarm)
  Birch/Aspen (Fireworks)
  Sycamore/First (Alarm)
07/18/2015 Saturday
  Assist County Police (Traffic Arrest)
  Rt23/Pearson (Motorist Assist)
  200 Block E. Main (Rescue Call)
  Washington/Jackson (Dog Call)
  Resource Bank (Call for Service)
  NB@T (Bank Alarm)
07/17/2015 Friday
  900 Block Wilshire (Suspicious Person)
15-0479 300 Block Railroad (Dog Bite)
  Phone Call requests
  Follow Up Investigations
07/16/2015 Thursday
  500 block S Sycamore (Call for Service)
  700 block Hawthorne (Noise Complaint)
  Police Department (Phone Call)
  800 block S Oak Creek (Driving Complaint)
  State's Attorney Office
  600 block Park Avenue (Follow Up)
07/15/2015 Wednesday
15-0477 100 block E Second (Call for Service)
  200 block Duval (Follow Up Investigation)
  600 block W Second (Follow Up Investigation)
  Police Department Phone Request
  Baseline / Moose Range (3 Car Accident)
15-0476 Baseline Road (Assist County with Accident)
  300 block S Washington (Fraud)
  300 S Stott (Suspicious Activity)
  Kiernan Park (Fire Marshall)
15-0475 Police Department (Harassment Complaint)
  Police Department (Follow Up Investigation)
  Police Department (Walk In Request Assistance)
07/14/2015 Tuesday
  Rt. 72  & Market (Assist Motorist)
15-0474 Kiernan Park (Structure Fire)
15-0473 100 block A Street (Accident)
  500 block Winding Trail Assist Motorist
15-0472 600 block E Main (Accident)
  400 block Riverbend (Child Custody)
  Police Department (Walk In Request)
07/13/2015 Wednesday
15-0471 100 block Prairie Domestic Dispute
15-0470 200 block W Church (Residential Burglary)
15-0468 Police Department (Warrant Arrest)
  200 block E Main (Follow Up Investigation)
15-0469 Pearson Drive (Hit n Run Accident)
  500 block W First (Follow Up Investigation)
7/12/15 Sunday
  Release Property at PD
15-0465 200 Block N. Hadsall (Criminal Damage)
15-0466 200 Block N. Hadsall (Criminal Damage)
7/11/15 Saturday
  Riverbend (Suspicious Vehicle)
  200 Block N. Sycamore (Alarm)
  400 Block E. 2nd (Motorist Assist)
  Main/Stott (ATV Roadway)
  Railroad/Brown (Suspicious Vehicle)
15-0464 100 Block S. Washington (Domestic)
  Riverbend (Parking Complaint)
  Civil Problem
  Motorist Assist
07/10/15 Friday
15-0463 Forest View Manor (Theft)
  Evergreen Drive (Parking Complaint)
  300 Block First-Kingston (Assist County)
  Rt23 (Driving Complaint)
  200 Block Central (Suspicious Vehicle)
  Riverbend (Fireworks)
07/09/2015 Thursday
  Pleasant Hill (Suspicious Vehicle)
  Second / State (Fireworks)
15-0462 100 block W Main (Drive Off)
  300 block Winding Trail Parking Violation
  600 block Stearn (Parking Complaints)
  Pearson Drive (Call for Service)
  100 block Prairie (Phone Harassment)
  900 block Wilshire (Follow Up Investigation)
  200 block S Brown (Assist Rockford in Hit-n-Run Veh)
15-0459 400 block E Hill (Damage to Property)
07/08/15 Wednesday
  300 Block E. First (Motorist Assist)
  Hadsall/Central (Traffic Arrest)
  200 Block S. Washington (911 Hang-up)
15-0457 Found Property
15-0458 100 Block S. Stott (Violation of an Order of Protection)
07/07/15 Tuesday
  100 Block W. First (Alarm)
  400 Block Birch (Call for Service)
15-0453 900 Block Wilshire (Theft)
  200 Block S. Emmett (Check Status)
15-0454 400 Block W. Main (Domestic)
  300 Block Church (911 Hang-up)
15-0455 300 Block Riverbend (Domestic)
  1100 Block Persimmons (Rescue Call)
15-0456 500 Block W. First (Domestic)
07/06/15 Monday
  400 block Holly Court 911 Hang Up
  Police Department Walk In Domestic Complaint
  500 block E Main Suspicious Person
15-0452 Police Department Identity Theft Complaint
15-0451 Police Department Walk In Domestic Complaint
7/5/15 Sunday
  700 Block Hawthorn (Found Dog)
  Rt23 (Driving Complaint)
  Main/Stiles (Motorist Assist)
  100 Block S. Washington (Fireworks)
  Washington/Main (Fireworks)
  Assist Sycamore with a Gas Drive off
  Adams/Second (Fireworks)
  700 Block W. Main (Juveniles)
7/4/15 Saturday
15-0450 Walk in Complaint
  Rt23/Hill (Alarm)
  Washington/Main (Fireworks)
  400 Block Madison (Fireworks)
  Baseline/Rt23 (Reckless Driving Complaint)
  Riverbend (Fireworks)
  Ellen Dr (Domestic Disturbance)
  500 Block Galant (Go Carts on Roadway)
  700 Block Cottonwood (Fireworks)
  800 Block Stonecreek (Loose Dog)
7/3/15 Friday
15-0448 400 Block Birch (Shed Fire)
15-0449 700 Block Watson (Ordiance Violation)
  300 Block Monroe (Fireworks)
  700 Block Cedar (Fireworks)
  100 Block N. Stott (Fireworks)
  200 Block S. Sycamore (911 Hang-up)
7/2/2015 Thursday
  Pearson/Rt23 (Juveniles)
  500 Block E. Main (911 Hang-up)
  Walk-in Complaint @ PD
  Rt72/Pleasant Hill (Accident)
  500 Block S. Sycamore (Alarm)
  Madison Street (Reckless Driver)
  Kiernan Park (Fireworks)
15-0446 400 Block S. Hadsall (Tall Weeds)
  100 Block Deer Creek (Burning Complaint)
  300 Block S. Sycamore (Fireworks)
7/1/2015 Wednesday
  100 Block E. Main (Motorist Assist)
  300 Block E. Second (Call for Service)
  100 Block Emmett (Civil Call)
  500 Block Jackson (Fireworks)
15-0442 Custody Dispute
  700 Block Tyler (Fireworks)
15-0443 300 Block Preserve (Tall Weeds)
15-0444 200 Block S. Genoa (Domestic Battery)
  Madison/Rt72 (Assist Fire)
  Rt23/Rt72 (Accident)
  W. Main/Genoa Rd (Accident)
  700 Blcok Hawthorn (Noise Complaint)
  Derbyline/Rt23 (Assist Kane County)
15-0445 600 Block block Whirlaway (Tall Weeds)
6/30/2015 Tuesday
  300 Block Jackson (Solictors)
  100 Block S. Genoa (Suspicious Vehicle)
  Central/Stiles (Served an Order of Protection)
15-0440 100 Block Emmett (Domestic Battery)
  300 Block Hill (911 Hang-up)
15-0409 700 Block Hawthorn (Abandoned Vehicle)
15-0438 400 Block Main (Building Violation)
15-0439 100 Block Locust (Tall Weeds)
15-0441 100 Block Second (Building Violation)
06/24/2015 Wednesday
  Prisoner Transport to Jail
15-0431 500 block Willow Glen (Domestic Dispute)
  Adams / Second (Noise Complaint)
15-0430 300 block S Genoa (Domestic Battery)
  Police Department (Investigative Follow Up)
  800 block E Main (Follow Up)
  500 block Winding Trail (Ordinance Violation)
  Adams (Assist Motorist)
  400 block Birch (Ordinance Violation)
  Elm / Sycamore (Call for Service)
  700 block W Main(Call for Service)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
06/23/2015 Tuesday
  100 block N Genoa (Assist Motorist)
15-0429 400 block W Main (Disorderly Conduct)
15-0428 300 block W Second St (Disorderly Conduct)
  800 block E Main (Parking Complaint)
  Police Department (Civil Question)
  900 block W Main (Civil Stand By)
  Police Department (FOIA Request)
  Police Department (Phone Request)
06/22/2015 Monday
  Adjudication Court
  Derby LIne Rd (Drop Dog Off)
  Madison / Cherry Tree (Loose Dog)
06/21/2015 Sunday
  Evergreen Court (Check Status)
  600 block W Main (Trapped Squirrel)
15-0427 Police Department (Landlord / Tenant Issues)
  Police Department (Walk In Registration Questions)
06/20/2015 Saturday
  Police Department Phone Request
  300 block Hickory (Assist Fire Department)
  400 block W Main (Drive Off - Returned)
  Police Department (Custody Issue)
06/19/2015 Friday
  Jackson / State (Suspicious Noise)
15-0426 100 block S Sycamore (Weapon Recovered)
  Police Department Phone Request
  200 block S Emmett (Barking Dogs)
  500 block Central (Fire Complaint)
  400 block Riverbend (Call for Service)
15-0425 100 block S Sycamore (Verbal Domestic)
  300 block Second Street (Juveniles in Park)
  700 block Cherry Tree (Loose Dog)
15-0423 W Main / Oak (Driving on a Suspended License - Impound)
  Police Department (Lost Bike Returned)
15-0424 Police Department (Fraud Report)
  300 block E Second (Juveniles)
  Police Department (Walk In Complaint)
  Cedar (911 Hang Up)
  First / Washington (Loose Puppies)
06/18/2015 Thursday
  Police Department Civil Dispute Questions
  Police Department Phone Request
  100 block Brown Call for Service
15-0422 100 block Homewood Drive Ordinance Violation
15-0421 800 block S Oak Creek Abandoned Vehicle
  100 block Robinson Assist Animal Control
  400 block Riverbend Ordinance Violation
  700 block Tyler Ordinance Violation
15-0417 400 block S Hadsall Ordinance Violation
15-0418 400 block Winding Trail Abandoned Vehicle
  Hill / Washington Call for Service
  Adams / First Call for Service
  Police Department Phone Request
15-0420 Police Department Fraud Complaint
  Kiernan Park 911 Hang Up
15-0419 700 block Watson Civil Complaint
  Police Department Walk In Complaint
06/17/2015 Wednesday
  400 block Sycamore Suspicious Vehicle
  Police Department Phone Request
15-0415 300 block E First Landlord Dispute
  400 block W Main Assist Motorist
  Huntley Police Department Delivery Evidence
15-0414 Washington / Hill Criminal Damage to Property
  Cedar Assist Motorist
  400 block Preserve Call for Service
15-0413 800 block Wilshire Disorderly Conduct
  100 block Prairie Check Status
  400 block Winding Trail Ordinance Violation
  800 block Aspen Ordinance Violation
15-0412 700 block Cottonwood Abandoned Vehicle
15-0411 600 block E Main Abandoned Vehicle
15-0410 Police Department Theft Complaint
15-0409 700 block Hawthorne Abandoned Vehicle
15-0408 400 block E Main Ordinance Violation
15-0407 400 block W Second Abandoned Vehicle
  Police Department Walk Complaint
06/16/2015 Tuesday
15-0406 400 block N Locust (Warrant Pick Up)
  S Washington Viaduct (Kids Throwing Rocks)
  Cook / Central (Status on Juvenile)
  Rt. 72/ Rt. 23 (Assist Motorist)
  500 block E Main (Found Item)
06/15/2015 Monday
  Oak (Check Status)
  Police Department (Civil Dispute)
  Police Department Walk In (Ordinance Questions)
06/14/15 Sunday
  Westwood (Assist County)
  Rt23/Rt72 (Motorist Assist)
  300 Blk First St (Check Status)
15-0402 700 Blk Cottonwood (Domestic)
  Birch/Tyler (Parking Violation)
15-0403 Found Property
15-0404 200 Blk Prairie (Found Property)
15-0405 900 Blk N. Oakcreek (Domestic)
  Rt23/Pearson (Alarm)
06/13/15 Saturday
  Traffic Control (5K Race/Parade)
  Rt23/Pearson (Assist Rescue)
  Rt72/Pleasant Hill (Assist County)
  Baseline/Glidden (Assist County)
  Oakview Dr (Assist County)
15-0398 200 Blk Railroad (Hit and Run)
15-0399 Main/First (Warrant Arrest)
15-0400 Main/Stott (Fleeing to Elude)
  900 Blk N. Oakcreek (Loose Dog)
  600 Blk W. 2nd (Fireworks)
  PD (Civil Problem)
15-0401 Washington/Hill (Agg Battery)
  Emmett (Motorist Assist)
06/12/15 Friday
  Lost Property Report
  Rt72/New Lebanon (Assist County)
  Reckless Driving Complaint
15-0397 100 Blk (Found Property)
  Rt23/Pearson (Alarm)
  Main/Sycamore (Motorist Assist)
06/11/2015 Thursday
  Brown/Eureka Suspicious Vehicle
  Phone Request
  400 block E Main Assist Motorist
  300 block N State Call for Service
15-0395 100 block N Washington Domestic
  200 block S Genoa Loud Juveniles
06/10/2015 Wednesday
15-0394 100 block N Genoa Criminal Damage to Property
15-0393 900 block Wilshire Theft
  500 block E Main Follow Up
  300 block Riverbend Ordinance Complaint
  Police Department Phone Requests
  Sycamore / Hill Ordinance Violation
15-0391 100 block N Brown Verbal Domestic
15-0390 Downtown Theft
  Madison / Rt. 72 Traffic Control
  300 block E Railroad Call for Service
  800 block Wilshire Call for Service
  Genoa Days Foot Patrol
06/09/2015 Tuesday
  Rt. 72 / Kids Throwing Eggs at Cars
  Riverbend Ponds Call for Service
  Riverbend Couch Fire
15-0392 200 bloc N Sycamore Damage to Property
  Police Department Civil Issue
  200 block W Hill Call for Service
  100 block N Hadsall Loose Dog
  Sir Barton / Gallant Fox Call for Service
  700 block W Main Call for Service
  700 block Redwood Ordinance Violation
  200 block N State Ordinance Violation
  700 block John Ct Follow Up
15-0388 300 block W First Ordinance Violation
  Police Department Phone Requests
15-0389 300 block W Main Criminal Damage to Property
  100 block N Emmett Follow Up
  Kiernan Park Suspicious Activity
  600 block W Main Check Status
  Kishwaukee Hospital Follow Up
15-0387 800 block W Main Burglary to Vehicle
15-0386 Sycamore / Forest View Accident
06/08/15 Monday
  Telephone Request
  Birch/Cottonwood (Loose Dog)
  600 Block Stearn (Assist Fire Dept)
15-0385 Rt23/Derbyline (Accident)
  800 Block Stone Creek (Assist County)
  100 Block Prairie (Loose Dog)
06/07/15 Sunday
15-0381 500 Block Willow Glen (Custody Dispute)
  Northwoods Drive (Follow-up)
15-0382 W. Main/Deer Creek (Traffic Arrest)
  500 Block Winding Trl (Assist Citizen)
15-0383 100 Block N. Brown (Custody Dispute)
  Tyler/FVM (Assist Fire)
  300 Block FVM (Found Property)
  Riverbend (Juveniles)
06/06/15 Saturday
  Phone Call Request
  700 Block W. Main (Alarm)
  400 Block Birch (Follow-up)
  100 Block N. Stott (Civil Questions)
15-0379 300 Block W. Main (Fraud)
  700 Block W. Main (Juveniles)
15-0380 Harassment Complaint
  600 Block Tyler (Assist Rescue)
06/05/15 Friday
  700 Block Redwood (Civil Stand by)
  600 Block Stearn (Assist Fire Dept)
  200 Block S. Hadsall (Call for Service)
  Rt23 (Assist County/Accident)
  700 Block Watson (Barking Dog)
06/04/15 Thursday
  700 Block E. Main (Call for Service)
  700 Block Cottonwood (Loose Dog)
  800 Block Wilshire (Assist Other Dept)
  Background Investigations
15-0375 100 Block W. Main (Theft)
15-0376 Oak Drive (Curfew Violation)
  300 Block Jackson (Check Status)
06/03/15 Wednesday
15-0370 200 Block W. 2nd (Accident)
  400 Block Winding Trl (911 Hang-up)
  Middleton/Riverbend (Juveniles)
15-0371 Forest View/Evergreen (Noise Complaint)
  Assist Kingston (Disorderly)
  100 Block Prairie (Call for Service)
  Park Ave (Road Closure)
06/02/15 Tuesday
15-0367 100 Block S. Washington (Theft)
15-0368 700 Block Cottonwood (Loose Dog)
  300 Block E. Main (Check Status)
  Assist County (Kingston)
15-0369 800 Block Evans (Lost/Stolen Property)
  Phone Call Requests
  200 Block W. Main (Alarm)
06/01/15 Monday
  100 Block N. Hadsall (Assist Rescue)
  Genoa Rd (Assist County/Driving Complaint)
  Hawthorn/Madison (Noise Complaint)
15-0366 300 Block W. Hill (Domestic Disturbance)
  Market Street (Illegally Parked Vehicle)
15-0360 100 Block Prairie (Tall Weeds)
15-0361 700 Block Redwood (Tall Weeds)
15-0363 1200 Block War Admiral (Tall Weeds)
15-0364 1200 Block Secretariat (Tall Weeds)
05/31/15 Sunday
  Riverbend (Walking Patrol)
  300 Block First St. (Motorist Asssist)
  700 Block W. Main (Alarm)
  400 Block E. 2nd (Driving Compliant)
05/30/15 Saturday
15-0357 Walk-in (Harassment Compliant)
  Sex Offender Registration
  Telephone Requests
  Oak drive (Juvenile Problem)
  400 Block E. 2nd (911 Hang-up)
15-0356 300 Block W. Hill (Theft)
  Riverbend (Illegally Parked Vehicles)
15-0358 Stearn/Angler (Traffic Arrest)
15-0359 Sycamore/Homewood (Traffic Arrest)
05/29/15 Friday
15-0355 700 Block W. Main (Tall Weeds)
  Sycamore/FVM (Assist Rescue)
  700 Block W. Main (911 Hang-up)
  Crossing Guard Duties
  Locust/Hill (Solictors)
  Rt23/Rt23 (Assist County/Accident)
  Eureaka/First (911 Hang-up)
  Main/Genoa (Assist Citizen)
  300 Block E. 2nd (Disorderly Subject)
05/28/15 Thursday
  Lorraine/Sycamore (Assist County/Arrest)
  300 Block S. Hadsall (Wires)
15-0352 Sycamore/Hill (Injury Report)
15-0353 Harassment Complaint
  Hunter Rd (Assist County/Domestic)
15-0354 Oak Dr (Juvenile Problem)
  100 Block S. Brown (Call for Service)
05/27/15 Wednesday
15-0350 900 Block Walnut (Tall Weeds)
  Assist Citizen @ PD
  300 Block W. Main (911 Hang-Up)
  Phone Call Requests
  200 Block W. 2nd (Call for Service)
  300 Block W. Hill (Vehicle Repo)
  Sycamore/Walnut (Assist Citizen)
  400 Block Winding Trail (Alarm)
15-0351 Washington/First (Loose Dog)
05/26/15 Tuesday
  Kingston (Assist County/Domestic Dispute)
  300 Block S. Locust (Assist Rescue)
  100 Block S. Stott (Call for Service)
  Crossing Guard Duties
  Washington/Hill (Juveniles on Railroad Tracks)
  Forest View Manor (Check Status)
05/25/15 Monday
  Parade Detail
15-0347 100 Block Prairie (Traffic Arrest)
  100 Block N. Brown (911 Hang-up)
  Rt23/Derbyline (Driving Complaint)
05/24/15 Sunday
15-0344 100 Block N. Hadsall (Domestic)
15-0345 500 Block Willow Glen (Custody Problems)
15-0346 100 Block N. Brown (Custody Problems)
  900 Block Walnut (Driving Complaint)
  Genoa Rd (Driving Complaint)
  Rt23/Watson (Suspicious Activity)
05/23/15 Saturday
  300 Block Riverbend (Check Status)
  700 Block W. Second (Assist other Dept)
15-0341 100 Block Sycamore Rd (Domestic)
15-0342 700 Block E. Main (Domestic)
  Hadsall/Hill (Driving Complaint)
  900 Block Nicholas (4-Wheelers)
  900 Block W. Main (Noise Complaint)
  400 Block FVM (Noise Complaint)
15-0343 Main/Washington (Traffic Arrest)
05/22/15 Friday
  Rt23/Derbyline (Domestic-Assist Sycamore PD)
  PD (Walk-In)
15-0337 700 Block Hawthorn (Domestic)
  400 Block Preserve (Noise Complaint)
15-0338 400 Block E. Second (Fight Call)
  100 Block Reid (Motorist Assist)
  500 Block W. Main (911 Hang-up)
  100 Block N. Washington (911 Hang-up)
  300 Block W. Hill (Noise Complaint)
  K9 Assist (Sycamore PD)
15-0339 300 Block S. Sycamore (Ordinance Violation)
  900 Block N. OakCreek (Suspicious Activity)
  800 Block Stone Creek (Illegally Parked Vehicles)
  800 Block S. OakCreek (Illegally Parked Vehicles)
  500 Block Willow Glen (Illegally Parked Vehicle)
  200 Block S. Sycamore (Noise Complaint)
15-0340 400 Block W. Main (Traffic Arrest)
  Assist County (Suicidal Subject)
05/21/15 Thursday
15-0336 700 Block W. Main (Theft)
  200 Block S. Emmett (Motorist Assist)
  700 Block Tyler (Loose Dog)
  300 Block W. Main (Illegally Parked Vehicle)
  400 Block N. Locust (Noise Complaint)
  300 Block W. First (Harassment Complaint)
  700 Block E. Main (Loitering Complaint)
  700 Block E. Main (Harassment Complaint)
  900 Block S. Oak Creek (Noise Complaint)
  Sycamore/Church (Noise Complaint)
05/20/15 Wednesday
  200 Block Winding Trail (Loose Dog)
  400 Block First (Motorist Assist)
  700 Block Tyler (Loose Dog)
  W. Main (Motor Bikes on Tracks)
  300 Block Madison (Suspicious Activity)
  300 Block W. Main (Motorist Assist)
  200 Block Winding Trail (Parking Violation)
  800 Block Wilshire (Parking Violation)
  300 Block Hickory (Medical Call)
05/19/15 Tuesday
  Sex Offender Registration
  Crossing Guard Duties
  800 Block Wilshire (Accident Follow-up)
  300 Block W. Hill (Motorist Assist)
15-0332 Rt23/Hill (Traffic Arrest)
15-0334 100 Block N. Washington (Criminal Damage)
15-0333 Main/Locust (Accident)
15-0335 500 Block Willow Glen (Check Welfare)
  Assist Citizen @ PD
05/18/15 Monday
  Telephone Request
  300 Block Riverbend (Alarm)
  100 Block S. Locust (Motorist Assist)
  Rt23/Rt72 (Assist Rescue)
  600 Block W. Main (911 Hang-Up)
15-0327 800 Block Wilshire (Accident)
  Rt72/Pleasant Hill (Noise Complaint)
15-0326 200 Block N. State (Ordinance Violation)
15-0328 700 Block John Ct (Ordinance Violation)
15-0329 100 Block N. Locust (Ordinance Violation)
15-0330 100 Block Prairie (Ordinance Violation)
15-0331 100 Block Stiles (Abandoned Vehicle)
  Aspen,Cherry Tree,Willow Glen and Locust (Parking Violations)
05/17/15 Sunday
  Oak Dr. (Juvenile Problem)
  Rt23/Pearson (Motorist Assist)
  Main/Stott (Suspicious Activity)
  100 Block N. Brown (Motorist Assist)
  Oak Dr. (Curfew)
05/16/15 Saturday
  500 Block W. Main (Alarm)
15-0320 Oak Dr. (Juvenile Problem)
  200 Block E. Main (Noise Complaint)
15-0321 400 Block W. Main (Domestic)
15-0322 300 Block S. Washington (Loud Party)
  Main/Stott (Disorderly)
05/15/15 Friday
  500 Block Jackson (Assist Citizen)
  300 Block Forest View (Assist Citizen)
  500 Block W. 2nd (Sick Animal)
  Cherry/Madison (Accident)
  700 Block Redwood (Motorist Assist)
  Madison/Walnut (Fireworks)
  400 Block Winding Trail (Fireworks)
  300 Block Hickory (Assist Rescue)
05/14/15 Thursday
15-0317 700 Block Watson (Custody Problems)
  200 Block Stearn (Check Status)
15-0318 Madison Street (Assist County)
  100 Block E. 2nd (911 Hang-up)
15-0319 Oak Dr. (Juvenile Problem)
  600 Block E. Main (Suspicious Activity)
05/13/15 Wednesday
  Middle School (Motorist Assist)
  High School (Follow-up)
15-0316 Main/Sycamore (Accident)
  Pearson (Suspicious Vehicle)
05/12/2015 Tuesday
  300 Block N. Sycamore (911 Hang-Up)
  High School (Assist Rescue)
  Fairdale Tornado De-Brief
  300 Block Railroad (Check Status)
  200 Block S. Sycamore (Assist Rescue)
  500 Block W. Main (Check Status)
  Sycamore Road (Alarm)
15-0314 Harassment by Telephone Report
  700 Block Watson (Check Status)
15-0315 Oak Drive (Missing Juvenile)
  600 Block Park (Alarm)
05/11/15 Monday
15-0311 800 Block (Wilshire) Harassment
15-0312 900 Block (Wilshire) Battery
15-0313 Oak Drive (Missing Juvenile)
  Cottonwood/Birch (Driving Complaint)
  Rt23/Ellen Dr (Assist County)
  N. Brown (Solictor's Complaint)
  600 Block W. Main (Assist Citizen)
  200 Block Railroad (Assist Rescue)
05/10/15 Sunday
  Dollar General (Motorist Assist)
15-0310 200 Block Stearn (Criminal Damage)
  200 Block Prairie (Burning Complaint)
  300 Block W. Hill (Suspicious Activity)
  400 Block W. Main (Suspicious Person)
05/09/15 Saturday
15-0306 100 Block Robinson (Ordinance Violation)
15-0307 200 Block Jackson (Ordinance Violation)
  700 Block Tyler (Mini-Bike on Road way)
  400 Block W. First (911 Hang-up)
15-0308 100 Block N. Emmett (Ordinance Violation)
  400 Block W. First (Civil Problem)
15-0305 900 Block W. Main (Assist Rescue)
15-0309 Sycamore/Homewood (Traffic Arrest)
  700 Block Aspen (Parking Violations)
  700 Block Cedar (Parking Violation)
15-0304 500 Block Nicholas (Disorderly Conduct)
  Traffic Enforcement (W. Main/Deer Creek)
05/08/15 Friday
  Oak Creek/Walnut (Driving Complaint)
  600 Block Stearn (Call for Service)
  400 Block Birch (Parking Violations)
  700 Block Redwood (Parking Violations)
  100 Block N. Hadsall (Suspicious Activity)
  700 Block E. Main (Motorist Assist)
  Phone Call Request
05/07/15 Thursday
  Assist Citizen @ McDonald's
  Background Investigations
  500 Block South Sycamore (Assist Fire Dept)
05/06/2015 Wednesday
  300 block John Ct. Ordinance Violation
15-0292 Police Department Warrant Arrest
15-0293 300 block S Washington Burglary
  100 block N Brown Phone Harassment
  Police Department Phone Request
  Police Department Walk in Complaint
  100 block N Brown Call for Service
05/05/2015 Tuesday
15-0291 First / State Car Fire
  900 block Wilshire Vehicle Located for County
  500 block Pearson False Alarm
  Rt. 23 / Derby Line Continue Search with County
  Wilshire Continued Search with DeKalb County
  300 block W Church Assist County Search for Hit-n-Run Vehicle
15-0290 Police Department Walk In Harassment Complaint
15-0289 900 block W Main Call for Service
15-0288 500 block Willow Glen Fraud
  100 block Prairie Check Status
15-0287 Rt. 72 / Madison Accident
5/4/15 Monday
  Walk in Questions at PD
  200 Block West Main (Check Status)
  Railroad/Brown (Loose Dog)
  Willow Glen Area (Juvenile's on ATV's)
15-0285 900 Block West Main (Theft)
  100 Block North Hadsall (Loose Dog)
15-0286 Forest View Drive (Domestic)
5/3/15 Sunday
15-0280 700 Block Tyler (Disorderly Conduct)
15-0281 200 Block Winding Trail (Criminal Damage)
15-0282 800 Block Stone Creek (Criminal Damage)
15-0283 500 Block Willow Glen (Criminal Damage)
15-0284 Dollar General (Accident)
  Ash Road (Assist County)
5/2/15 Saturday
15-0272 800 Block E. Main (Ordinance Violation)
15-0273 200 Block S. Emmett (Abandoned Vehicle)
15-0274 200 Block S. Genoa (Abandoned Vehicle)
15-0275 200 Block Robinson (Abandoned Vehicle)
15-0276 200 Block S. Genoa (Accident)
  400 Block Riverbend (Motorist Assist)
  Main Street Reckless Driving Complaint
15-0277 100 Block Homewood (Domestic)
15-0278 400 Block Jackson (Disorderly Subject)
  400 Block Preserve (911 Hang-Up)
15-0279 Main/Genoa (Traffic Arrest)
5/1/15 Friday
  700 Block Cottonwood (Sick Animal)
  200 Block S. Sycamore (Assist Rescue)
  400 Block West First (Follow-up)
  200 Block South Hadsall (Civil Call)
15-0271 200 Block Koch (Domestic)
  100 Block Prairie (Civil Call)
  900 Block North Oak Creek (Civil Syand By)