Motorcycle Clubs

A Motorcycle Club (MC) is an organized club of motorcycle riders usually with some sort of structure, including but not limited to electing a President, Vice President, Secretary, Sergeant at Arm's and Treasurer. Member's of certain motorcycle club's are "sworn to secrecy" about their structure, by-laws, and membership. People who are interested in a particular motorcycle club usually have to undergo a probationary or "prospect" period to show their loyalty to the club. After the probationary period, member's get to wear the all mighty club patch or "colors", which typically consist of a top rocker (normally advertising the motorcycle clubs name), the main patch or symbol, and a bottom rocker (normally advertising the location where that particular member's club is located).

Picture taken of several "Sojourners
MC" members in the down town area of

Picture taken by the Genoa Police
Department of a local "Brother's MC"
member. This tattoo is a replica of the
patch or "colors" worn by this member on
his jacket or vest.