Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sgt. Smith and K-9 "Kane" are officially on duty...

07/06/12   Possession of Cannabis  12-0435

K-9 officer assisted another officer on a traffic stop at Forest View and Sycamore.  An officer had stopped a vehicle for having only one headlight. The K-9 officer informed the driver of the vehicle that his K-9 partner Kane would be conducting a sniff of the exterior of the vehicle and asked if there was anything in the vehicle that shouldn’t be.  The 24 yoa male driver confessed to, “A little weed.” An exterior sniff of the vehicle was conducted and the driver was cited for Possession of Cannabis.




"Kane" ready for Duty





The Genoa Police Department is pleased to announce the continuation of their Police K-9 program to combat drug abuse in our community. We are seeking out corporations, businesses, civic groups, and individuals who are concerned about the prevalence of drug abuse and who are willing to help support our efforts.

Kane is a specially trained Police dog capable of sniffing out drugs in vehicles, buildings and dwellings once the legal authority for the presence of the Officer is established. K-9 dogs can also track perpetrators from the scene of crimes, assist in locating lost children and can also be used to apprehend individuals who refused to submit to arrest. The K-9 is also a valuable resource when conducting drug awareness programs in our schools and community.

The department would like to develop a more pro-active prevention and enforcement program specifically serving the Genoa and surrounding communities.

Sergeant Smith, a 16 year veteran of the department will assume responsibility for the K-9 unit.

Corporations, businesses, civic groups, and individuals are welcome sponsors for this program either with an initial tax deductible donation or as an ongoing sponsor to help offset the continuing costs. The City will ensure that donations will only be used for this purpose.

The department will also have “Paws for Cause” available throughout the community to help support the program.

Thank you for your support of our efforts!