Hate Groups

There are many types of Hate groups in the United States today, including the Ku Klux Klan, skinhead and Neo-Nazi factions.

Symbols like swastikas, the mioak, hammers, boots, "SS' thunderbolts, etc... are used by Neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, white supremacists and others. These symbols are used not only to give the hater a sense of power and belonging, and to help identify other's who believe in their same philosophy, but these symbols are used to place a sense of fear into the community.

These symbols can be found all over the place, including literature, fliers, pictures, graffiti and tattoo's.

Skinheads can sometimes be easily identified by their clothing and hair style. Skinheads will use their own style of dress code. Typically the member will shave their head, hence the name "skinhead". Some will keep their hair long though in an effort to avoid being detected by law enforcement. Typically skinheads will wear black combat type boots with red laces (other colors can be worn as well). Skinheads will wear black, brown or green military flight jackets, possibly bearing skinhead type patch's, along with blue or black jeans. Red suspenders are typically worn as well, but this color can vary. Skinheads will "advertise" their affiliation by tattooing themselves all over their body, including their shaved head. This is another way for them to intimidate and instill fear into the public.

KKK members are known for their, but these are generally only worn during rallies and events.