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Street Gangs

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Gang Information:

Street gang's, motorcycle club's, and hate group's are no  longer just a "big city" or "inner city" problem.  Gangs in  this country are showing up in even the smallest city's and  town's, including Genoa.  

Our goal with this new website is to help educate  members of the community about some of the different  types of gangs that are out there, their colors and  identifiers.   More importantly, this site is intended to help  parents learn about some of the signs and symbols that  different types of gang's use, and to ensure that their  children are not involved with or are being recruited by any 

The Genoa Police Department is dedicated to public  safety, especially when it comes to gangs! Our department  takes a pro-active, aggressive approach when identifying  and dealing with gang members!  Because of this type of  approach, we are proud to say that we do not have a  serious gang problem in Genoa.  It's not to say that we do not have gangs, or gang members in our City, but we like to think that gang activity in the Genoa area is minimal because of our aggressive approach.