Citizens for Safe Speed

The Genoa Police Department would like to remind citizens about our Citizens For Safe Speed Program. This program was established to assist citizens in becoming more involved with the safety of their neighborhoods. This program utilizes citizens monitoring and recording speeds of vehicles on their neighborhood streets. The results will assist the Police Department in directing aggressive enforcement in those areas and during those times when the problem is occurring.

The program was created in cooperation with the Dekalb County Partnership for a safe, active, and family environment (DCP/SAFE) and Safe Communities Task Force, an action group of (DCP/SAFE) and funded with the help of the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Allowing citizens to record a vehicle speed with a radar unit will help to educate them on speed laws, radar, and the limits of police enforcement. The program will assist the police department in identifying the optimum times for directed traffic enforcement and it will also alert drivers that their actions will be monitored by our citizens.

Speed limits are established with the safety of both residents and motorist in mind. The purpose of this program is to reduce incidents of speeding vehicles on neighborhood streets and increase traffic safety awareness of citizens through Community Oriented Policing Strategies and community problem solving.

Citizens who are concerned with speeding vehicles in their neighborhood may volunteer to participate by contacting Chief Ty Lynch at the Genoa Police Department at 784-6633 ext. 701 or by email at